5 Tips For Your Next Road Trip

If you’re going to be taking a big road trip this summer, there are a few preparations you should take with your car to ensure a smoother journey.

Here are five of the important tips (in addition to making sure you check your tire pressure) to insure smooth travel:

Change Your Oil & Filter

Always make sure you don’t need to take time out of the trip to address these issues. Get it done now when there’s time.

Get A Sheathe For The Front Of The Car

You’re going to be on the highway, for hours at a time, at high speed, and that means many insects hitting your headlights and front. Get a cover to protect these areas, and it means less cleaning when the trip is over.

Pack Funnels & Containers

In emergencies, you may need to add more fluid to parts of your engine or gather up water or gas. Make sure you have contingencies to handle this.

Clean Your Interior

Start your trip right, and make sure that your car’s interior is empty so that you’ll have more room for all the stuff you’re about to pack into it.

Remember Your Chargers

It’s the 21st century! You’ll be bringing phones, games, cameras, and other devices that all need to recharge. Save money by bringing plugs and cables along with you, so you don’t have to buy them on the road.